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Spring Term

Happy New Year and welcome back to Beacon. Our topic this term is Extreme Earth and we'll be exploring volcanoes and earthquakes - what they are, where and why they occur and what causes them.

 In Science we'll be looking at Evolution and Inheritance. Children will learn about inherited and environmental characteristics and mutations, adaptations and survival. We'll also learn about some theories of evolution and the life and work of the people who discovered them including Charles Darwin and Mary Anning. We'll also explore fossils and what they can teach us about evolution. Have a look at some of the links below to find out more. 

  Please refer to the curriculum map below for more detailed information.

   If you have any queries, please catch me before or after school, or if you need more time, then please arrange an appointment with me.


Websites to support topics

 Extreme Earth






 Evolution and Inheritance




This Week in Beacon (w/b 03.01.22)
This week we've been back to our normal timetable. In maths we explored prime numbers and our new online times table practice programme Times Tables Rockstars. Each child has their own login (letter was sent home on Friday) and can access them at home for a fun and challenging way to get on top of those tables!
In English we wrote Kennings and used drama to explore various opinions of a character. We finished off our Mayan topic thinking about why their civilisation ended fairly rapidly and had an exciting (and a bit disgusting) science lesson finding out about irreversible chemical reactions. 
Websites for times table practice: