Oak Class (Year 6)

Welcome to Oak Class 
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I am very pleased to welcome the new Oak Class pupils to a new year, and am looking forward to working with them. Year 6 is a very exciting year for our children as they prepare to leave primary school and embark on the next step in their learning journeys. There is a lot to look forward to and a lot of focused learning to ensure they are ready for secondary school. The adults working in Oak Class this year are myself, Ms Leeb, Mrs Robertson (mornings) and Mr Day (afternoons). 
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 Autumn Term 
The Kingdom of Benin
The Kingdom of Benin 1500-1750 / Historical Association
Our exploration of this ancient kingdom will focus on the 'golden threads' of: societal change, rulers, religion and invention. Children will learn why this civilisation is important and place it in context with events happening in Britain and around the world during the same time frame. Using a range of sources, they will learn about the leaders of Benin and aspects of life in Benin City. They will also explore religious practices and find out what happened when European settlers started trading with a particular focus on the effect of British involvement. 
For more detailed information, please see the Knowledge Organiser below. 
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Knowledge Organisers 
Please find below the knowledge organisers linked to your child's learning this term. These documents provide details of the key knowledge the children are expected to learn across the sequence of learning. We would encourage parents and carers to look at these with their children and regularly spend time discussing the facts on the sheets.  
This week in Oak Class (w/b 13.11.23)
Another busy week in Oak class! In maths we took a break from long division to start looking at co-ordinates, reflection and translation of shapes on a grid (four quadrants). Children produced some brilliant writing from the point of view of characters in Macbeth, including a letter from Macbeth to his wife, and a diary entry by Lady Macbeth. 
The children worked hard to finish off their Light topic in Science - investigating shadows, splitting light and mixing light colours. This all lead to some fantastic conversations and lots of practical work. 
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