Rowan Class (Year 4/5)

We are a friendly class of children in Years 4 and 5 who are taught by two experienced teachers: Mrs Perry  and Mrs Horrex (Wednesday) .  We are very fortunate to also have an incredible teaching assistant, Mrs Truman, who supports our learning throughout the week.  On Wednesdays, we also have the talented Mr Gardner from Aspire, teaching us PE and sportsmanship skills.
Please have a look through our ‘Meet The Teacher’ file and  a range of knowledge organisers to explore more about our exciting year ahead and to support many areas of the curriculum.  Please share these with your children and use them as reference throughout the year.
We are delighted that you are visiting the Rowan Class page today and hope that you will come into school soon to see our wonderful and aspirational work in action.
Week by Week Updates
Spring 2 Week 6
Our last week has seen some very exciting moments! We took part in a Viking Workshop that visited school. We tested out our knowledge we have learnt over the past term and gained even more. We learnt about the early household tools, typical Viking musical instruments and jewellery and also how to play Viking board games. We enacted battles and burials in the style of the Vikings. We learnt how to hold and fight with Viking weapons. Poor Mrs Truman was even captured as a slave!
We also defrosted and tried our home made bread...with some very mixed reactions! Luckily, Mrs Perry brought in extra baguettes as a precaution! We demonstrated our chopping and grating skills and then assembled our healthy, tasty sandwiches which we ate together as an end of term class picnic. What a lovely way to end the day! 
Spring 2 Week 5 
This week we have been treated to two performances - our Rock Steady rockers and Dance Club's Grease medley!
In class this week we have been very creative. We have made our own Maths board games based around our work on decimals. We had great fun sharing them once they were finished!
We've wrapped up our Twisted Tales in English this week and are now focusing on persuasive writing, still based on our class text The Lost Happy Endings.
In DT we finally made and baked our bread dough, following the recipe closely. The children were fascinated watching the dough rise, although not so keen on the smell of the yeast or the texture of the dough during the kneading process! The bread is now safely in the freezer ready to make our healthy sandwiches next week. 
Friday saw us end the week with a cook out at Forest School - bacon butties and sausage baps were enjoyed by all!
Spring 2 Week 4
What another busy week!
In Maths this week we went large and practised placing decimal numbers on a ginormous number line! English saw us sharing our twisted tales and focussing on editing to perfect them. 
In RE we explored the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. We looked at different opinions and accounts and drew up Responsibility Pies (like pie charts) to decide who was responsible and why. It caused quite the debate! 
Our main highlight this week, however, has got to be our school Red Nose Day Mini Marathon - the children were so excited to raise money for such a good cause. They all cheered each other on and kept their friends going so we could all reach our own goals. It was so lovely to watch Rowan Class work as such a close knit team. 
We also had a return to forest school this Friday. Not only did the children improve upon their impressive dens but they also sharpened sticks in order to toast s'mores! 
Spring 2 Week 3
This week in English we have begun writing up our twisted tales, using our plans to help us. We have been focusing on adding detail and interest with expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. The children have been coming up with more and more elaborate, yet gruesome, endings for our poor, unfortunate heroes!
Maths has seen more hands on activities to embed our learning on fractions and decimals. Year 4 made chatterboxes (fortune tellers) to ask each other questions and year 5 made a loop game which they then had to explain to the year 4s. 
In Science we have been memorising the order in which our food is digested and which organs do what. We had fun pretending to be certain body parts such as bubbling like the stomach when it breaks down food with its acid, or dropping to the floor in 6 seconds like food travelling down the oesophagus! 
We were awash with fabulous costumes on World Book Day this week and it was so lovely to see the children sharing their favourite books with each other - This class certainly have a real love for reading!
As promised, I've also uploaded our art work from last half term. These are still life cut paper collages, as inspired by Maureen Crosbie. The pictures really do not do them justice though, so please feel free to pop in and have a proper look.
I cannot wait to hear all about today's long awaited forest school sessions - the morning group were buzzing with talk of dens and adventures galore!
Spring 2 - Week 2
Since returning after half term, Rowan have started a new book in English called The Lost Happy Endings. We have been exploring Traditional Tales in order to adapt them into our own dark and twisted tales, as inspired by the witch in the story. We are at the planning stages so far but they already make for interesting reading! Please feel free to pop in and look at our display of incredibly moving poetry from last half term's poetry focus, inspired by the works of poet Valerie Bloom. 
In Maths we have been delving into fractions and decimals. We have been looking at equivalent fractions and decimals, adding and subtracting fractions and year 5 have also been exploring problems involving improper and mixed fractions. We like to make it very hands on in Rowan class and the children have since discovered their love for drawing on the tables (in whiteboard pen!), chalking on walls outside or moving people and furniture as part of their investigation process. 
Science this half term is both glorious and disgusting! The children will be introduced to the main body parts associated with the digestive system and how they have special functions - this makes for some particularly exciting and memorable experiments! This week we looked at how the digestive system works. Our experiment involved setting up various stations to mimic the different stages of the digestive system, which the children could use for themselves - look at our brave volunteers in action! Last week we explored different types of teeth, in particular incisors, canines and molars and made our own models of our lower jaws out of clay. We also had a video sent in from a local dental nurse to explain how and why we should look after our teeth. Please see our knowledge organiser for more information on what we will be exploring in our Science topic this half term. 
We have finished our Art topic from last half term on Still Life, as inspired by the cut paper collage artist Maureen Crosbie. Our beautiful artworks are hanging in the hallway and are not be missed (photo to follow shortly to inspire you to visit!)
As part of our DT this half term we will be exploring what makes a healthy diet and dusting off our cooking skills to create our own delicious and nutritious lunch time treat! 
Please continue to read regularly with and to your child. When reading to your child, we recommend selecting books which are slightly beyond their reading ability so as to immerse them with more challenging, rich vocabulary, which in turn, they will begin to use in their writing. There are some great recommendations for books to read here: Reading Lists, including graphic novels for which appeal to reluctant and able readers alike.
Times Tables
Please continue to work on times tables. BBC Super Movers Times Tables have some fantastic routines which the children enjoy using in class. There’s also some great apps out there including Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)Hit the Button and Twinkl’s Multiplication Check Practice games, which all help develop rapid recall. Pupils in Year 4 will be sitting the statutory Multiplication Check in June 2023. Further information on the Multiplication Check for parents and guardians may be found here.
Learning Conversations
The following Learning Conversations are set on a Friday and the aim behind them is for pupils to discuss and answer the key questions with a grown up at home, taking time to find out anything they are unsure of. At least one of the three questions will involve an element of pre-teaching, whereby the pupils are expected to do a little research so they bring new learning (verbally) to share with the class the following week. They are generally not expected to record or produce anything, although they may of course do so if they would like to.

Knowledge Organisers
Please also remember to share and refer to the Knowledge Organisers (below) with your child, particularly at the beginning of each half term, and throughout as needed to keep feeding their thirst of knowledge.
New spelling patterns are taught weekly at school. Pupils are not formally tested on their new spellings but instead are expected to demonstrate their new words in written work at school. Additionally, there are Statutory Spellings which may be worked on at home to support class work. (See links below.)
We thank you for your continued support.
Learning Conversations
Knowledge Organisers
Please find below the knowledge organisers linked to your child's learning this year. These documents provide details of the key knowledge the children are expected to learn across the sequence of learning. We would encourage parents and carers to look at these with their children and regularly spend time discussing the facts on the sheets.  
Geography & History