Welcome to Warren Class and Welcome to year 1.

My name is Mrs Fielder and I am the year 1 teacher and assistant headteacher. Miss Staite is our lovely teaching assistant. The children are also taught by Mrs Lockrose who teaches music and by Mr Gardner who teaches P.E.

If you have any queries then please do come and find me before or after school. If you feel you need a longer chat then please arrange a date and time with me for an after school appointment.

Our area of learning this half term is called Frozen, another of my favourite topics! We will pretend to visit Antarctica and the arctic to learn about the animals, the weather and the landscapes. Our key text in English is called The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins. In science we will find out how ice is formed and in art we will use clay to make penguins. For more information about the topic please refer to the curriculum map below.

This week in Warren Class we have;

  • balanced and travelled on different parts of our bodies to make a short sequence.
  • used our rekenreks to compare numbers so we can identify which is more, which is less and which is equal.
  • worked very hard to improve our handwriting so that the letters are correctly formed and the words sit correctly on the lines.
  • used our problem solving skills to work out how to measure and draw life-size penguins.
  • discovered what it is like in Antarctica and what we would need to pack if we were to visit.
  • found out that 7 species of penguin live in and around Antarctica. The largest is called the Emperor and the smallest is called the Rockhopper. 
  • used 1kg weights to help us have a sense of how heavy the penguins are.


5th to 7th January 2022

Although we have only been in school for three days we have been very busy already. We have used our robot arms and blending hands in phonics; please ask your child to demonstrate. We have brainstormed what we think we already know about the arctic and Antarctica. We have sorted the milk bottles according to size and counted them by grouping them in twos. We have also carried out a science experiment to find out how ice is formed. We were very excited about this! On Friday afternoon we visited the school library where we enjoyed looking at and sharing books. 

15th to 19th November

The children have been very busy and have completed a variety of activities. They have finished their Harting dragon diaries, written a description of what they would like the baby dragon to look like as well as written our class book called We're going on a Dragon Hunt. Hopefully, as long as technology doesn't fail me, I will attach a recording of them reading it, some time next week. In mathematics, we have been comparing numbers using these symbols, <, =, >. In the afternoons, the children have mixed paints to make darker and lighter colours, learned about Remembrance Sunday and continued making their castles. 

Warren Class - 8th to 12th November

The children have been really excited this week as we have been visited by the Harting Dragon. Each day we have visited the nest under the roundhouse and observed the changes to the egg! Today the egg disappeared so we went on a dragon hunt around the village. Sadly we didn't find the baby dragon but we did find the nest and egg. So please keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of the dragons!