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Welcome to Warren Class and Welcome to year 1.
Our area of learning this half term is called Nature Detectives. Our key text in English is called The Secret Sky Garden by L Sarah and F Lumbers. We will also focus on poetry and another text called 'The Bee who Spoke' by Al MacCuish. In science we will continue learning  about plants and trees as well as consolidate our knowledge of animals including insects. In Geography we will make simple maps and plans and in DT we will begin to learn where food comes from. The children will also be taught music by Mrs Lockrose and P.E by Mr. Gardner.

For more information about the topic please refer to the curriculum map below.


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Mrs Fielder and Miss Staite


This week in Warren Class - 20th to 24th June

It has been another busy week in Warren class. We have learned new graphemes to support our spellings; sc, ne, gh, and gu. We have practiced spelling the words, scissors, dinghy, guitar and spaghetti. For the church service on Tuesday we wrote a class prayer on the theme of peace and what it meant to us. Several children volunteered to read it out; they did a super job and we were very proud of how confident they were. In maths we have matched 1 more and 1 less with addition and subtraction symbols as well as drawn number stories to prove that the addition and subtraction of zero does not change the answer. In English we have now finished reading 'The Secret Sky Garden' and discussed in depth, the characters, setting and plot. The story finishes by looking at friendships, so we have thought about our friends and what makes them special to us. We have also sketched the roundhouse with the hills behind, learned how to edit text in Word as well as made posters to show our knowledge of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. To end the week, in PE, we played games to hone our dodging skills. 

6th to 10th June

Lots of learning has taken place this week. In maths we have looked at the different ways of making ten, representing these using a tens frame and double sided counters. We have continued to practice the phonemes in phonics and apply them not only in our reading but in our spellings too. In science we have studied trees as we have to be able to label them and know some facts about them too. After learning some information we wrote a short non-fiction piece, trying to make sure that we remembered to use full stops and capital letters as well. In DT we watched a short video explaining how to make a loom out of card and then how to weave using strips of paper. It was trickier than it looked but everyone had a try and was pleased with their results. 

Friday 27th May

What an exciting day! All classes took part in a dance workshop which focused on dances from the 1950's to the present day. Warren class were superb. Their enthusiasm, listening skills and rhythm could not be faulted. There were smiles and laughter all round. It was also lovely to see so many of you at lunch time. We were so lucky with the weather. Miss Staite and I wish you all a happy half term. 

9th to 20th May

It has been another busy few weeks in Warren class. All our learning has focused on plants, trees and the nature around us. We have sketched flowers in art, trying very hard to draw what we see, using light flowing strokes. We have learnt two important words in Geography, physical and human. Please ask the children to explain what these words mean and to give an example. In R.E we have been thinking about the Creation Story. We took off our shoes and socks and ran across the cool grass - it tickled our feet and made us giggle. We lay on our backs and watched the clouds; we lay under the trees listening to the wind in the leaves. We talked about who might have made the world and the qualities this person might possess. We have listened to the Bible story and acted it out to music. There were some very good fish, birds and animals! In science we have to know the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees, so we watched a video and then went on a hunt around the grounds identifying trees from their leaves. The children were very good at comparing the pictures with the leaves, commenting on the different shapes, sizes and textures. In maths we have been using resources to model 'first, then and now' addition and subtraction stories. The children are very good at using the correct vocabulary and showing the difference between addition and subtraction. We have also used drawings and number sentences to represent these stories. In English we have continued reading our core text. Last week we wrote group list poems to describe the setting. This week we have generated adjectives to describe the character and begun to put these together to form a description of her. Phonics continues to be taught every day. This half term is all about revision and making sure the children know all the phonemes taught since September and more importantly can read them within words. We really enjoy these sessions and are excited about the words we can both read and spell. To finish, in PE we have been finding different ways to walk and run and playing games such as the 'fire fighter's bucket and city gates'. 

25th April to 6th May

Since returning from the Easter break, Warren class have shown  great team work in creating their new garden area. They worked really hard, digging up the grass and weeds and were also very interested in the many worms and leatherjackets that were unearthed. A lot of scientific learning took place that day as well as the energetic digging and clearing. The following day the seeds were scattered and since then, the children have been eagerly awaiting for them to shoot. Over the last couple of days a sea of green has begun to appear.  We have also been learning about the parts of a plant and what each part does and represented this knowledge by creating our own labelled flowers using a variety of materials. In English we wrote a recount of our planting day and then edited our writing, focusing on the punctuation. This week we have started the core text, The Secret Sky Garden. This has seen us describing the first illustrations  and thinking about litter and it's effects on the environment. In maths we have also been using many resources to represent the 'teens' numbers to make sure we understand why each of them starts with a 1. Yesterday afternoon the class discussed the seasons and went on a Spring hunt around the grounds. 

28th March to 1st April

Lots of learning has taken place again this week in Warren class. We have learned another five graphemes and rhymes, se, ze, eer, ere, ti in our phonic lessons as well as read words like station, engineer, invention and patiently. In English this week we have focused on drama and narration. The class have been using their imagination to invent characters from everyday classroom objects and written labels to show how they can be used. They have also re-enacted the story of Traction Man using everyday objects; bowl of water, action figure, cloth, whisk, nail brush with googly eyes and wooden spoon! I wonder if the children can re-enact the story at home? Be ready for lots of water splashing everywhere! In maths we have concentrated on subtraction, becoming familiar with the symbol and written subtraction calculations for practical stories. We have also used the part-part-whole model to represent the connection between addition and subtraction. For computing we have  used the computers to sort shapes, by clicking and dragging the objects into the correct groups. This was a good exercise for co-ordination and fine motor skills as well. The big question in R.E is 'What is the good news that Jesus brings?' This week we considered the fact that Jesus taught 'Forgive and you will be forgiven'. We discussed what this means to us and why it is important to forgive. In dance we pretended to be caterpillars, butterflies, tadpoles and frogs. There were some amazing caterpillars! It was a really fun way to end yet another busy week. 

21st to 25th March

It has been another busy week in Warren Class. We have learned another six graphemes, ce, se, kn, gn, wr, and mb. Hopefully the children can remember the rhymes better than me! We have also written a short story based upon a picture of a sleeping dragon. It is really exciting to see the positive impact the phonics is having on their spellings. In maths we have been focusing on the addition and equals symbols; doing lots of practical work last term has really helped with the speed of which they have mastered the use of these symbols. In science we have watched video clips and played games to help us learn the meanings of the words, carnivore, omnivore and herbivore. For computing we have played games to help us learn that computers can count, sort and group objects because they have been programmed to do so! The big question in R.E is 'What is the good news that Jesus brings?' This week we considered the fact that Jesus is a friend to the friendless. The children were read Matthew 9: 9-13 and had to shout 'Oh no Jesus, not him,' every time they heard the word Matthew. Hopefully the children can tell you why. Finally we have begun to paint the clay penguins. We will complete this next week and fire them again before glazing.

14th to 18th

On Monday the children did another 'quick write'. They wrote more than last week and the spellings which are non-negotiable were mostly spelled correctly. We shall be adding a few more to our non-negotiable list over the next few weeks! On Tuesday the class enjoyed designing their own animal. It had to consist of at least two animal groups, for example, a head of a mammal and a body of a fish, or a head of a bird and the body of a reptile. They also played a sorting game to help learn the animal groups. On Thursday we had two visitors, one from Torberry class and one from Beacon class, come to talk to us about their father's adventures in Scotland and in the Alps. We looked at the special clothing as well as some of the essential climbing gear necessary to climb steep icy slopes. We really enjoyed looking at the photos as well and listening to the stories surrounding them. In mathematics we have been learning how to write the teens numbers and have begun looking at numbers within 100. Today we went outside and worked as a class to make a hundred square. It took a while but we were very excited once it was completed.

7th to 11th March

On Monday we did our first 'quick write'. This is where the children have just 5 minutes to write about an activity they did at the weekend. They have to remember to punctuate sentences with capital letters and full stops as well as try to spell words correctly using their phonic knowledge. The children really enjoyed this activity and are looking forward to having another go on Monday. We have also started work on our core text Traction Man is Here. The lessons have involved acting, voice overs and role play with lego figures and farm animals! The children have also written the voice overs and narration needed for their scenarios. 

In science we watched a video about Supertato, a superhero who rescues vegetables trapped by Evil Pea. Unfortunately Supertato loses his cape so asked Warren class to make him a new one using material that is comfortable, strong, durable and quiet! The children tested several different materials by twisting, pulling, squashing and waving. The unanimous outcome was........ I will leave you to ask the children if they can remember! We have also started looking at animal groupings, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish and birds. We will continue learning more about this next week. 

In maths we have been using the language of greater than, less than and using the symbols <, >, = to compare numbers. We have also used resources to represent the numbers within the part-part whole model, using the language of partition and combine. . 

Finally we have been thinking about friendship and what a good friend means to us. The children have been learning the song Count on Us by Bruno Mars. They sing it beautifully and almost know the words off by heart now.