Willow Class (Year 1)

Welcome to Willow Class!
Your teacher is Miss Lloyd.
We would also now like to welcome Miss Gillbard to our class! We are very excited to have you in Willow :) 
Week 1 Summer 2
We have reached the final stretch of the year ( :( ) and we have started it off right! So much new learning already!
We started our new book in English and have enjoyed immersing ourselves in all the exciting parts! But before we did that, we read our diaries that we wrote before half term to ourselves and each other, editing where necessary with our purple pen. 
We started it off by receiving a mystery, exciting package which included: a spell book, a leaf, a witches hat and gold strand of hair.
We spent some time exploring these items, predicting what the story could be about. There were a lot of guesses for Harry Potter, but we eventually came to the conclusion of Rapunzel. We explored some of the pictures from the story, until we were then able to read it. We have spent the week writing what we know so far, including our new learnt vocabulary. 
We also discovered in the spell book , an empty page titled "How to build a tower". We decided we would be in charge of that page and have been creating different types of towers to put in the spell book!
In Math's we have been looking at numbers to 100. We have practiced, reading, writing and saying them! At the end of the week we were looking into the value of each digit within a number (tens and ones). 
Our new topic in Science this half term is Animals including Humans , so this week we were exploring different types of animals, classifying them. We grouped different animals by their characteristics , how they looked; the group criteria was decided by the children!
In PSHE this half term we are looking at 'Changing Me' and how we change as we get older. We were exploring lifecycles and how people and animals don't always look the same because we grow. Baby Miss Lloyd even made an appearance (the class had no idea it was me at first). This helped to highlight the changes we go through in the way we look. 
Our new topic this half term is Maps, Compasses and Orienteering in Geography. This week were were looking at North, East, South , West, taking about the directions and where they are. We then had a look at a compass to highlight how these directions are used. To remember where each direction was on the compass, we used the rhyme Naughty Elephants Squirt Water. Using this new knowledge on compass directions, we had a directional challenge. We needed to move a certain amount of spaces a certain direction through a town. The rhyme really came in handy here as it help us with what way we needed to go.
This half term in DT we are doing textiles! We came up with our product, the user of the product and what it will be used for! We have decided to make a hat (cap) for Larry (our class toy) to wear in the summer! This weeks lesson was looking at different caps and the materials they are made from. We noticed that some caps have different materials on certain parts. For example, the clasp on the back is sometimes metal, plastic or velcro!
We also explored how all the materials were joined together! The hats we explored were al stitched/sewed.
We completed our monthly task of updating our calendars with any events going on this month! We also completed our seasonally task of visiting our Willow Tree and the Coronation Garden to see how it is now looking in the season of summer! The change from spring to summer is drastic! We couldn't believe how green and over grown everything was! So overgrown you can't even see all of Willow!! See the PDF documents for all the seasons together!
While we were in Coronation Garden, the children who didn't get to test out their boats (sculptures in art) on the pond, got to do this! 
Week 6
A wonderful final week of Summer 1. I can't believe we are about to enter our final half term of the year :(
In Math's we were retrieving on our knowledge from the last few weeks of learning on, equal groups and fractions. We were sorting different groups into Unequal or Equal and we were making playdough objects in halves and quarters.
For our final History lesson on 'History of Transport', we learnt about the Wright Brothers who were the first people to invent a plane that could fly.
We needed to be spies for the afternoon as the 2 Wright Brothers were inventing something in their shed. We needed to find out what it was so we got a sneak peak through the 'shed' hole. 
We then got in groups and dug even further to find out more. Taking it it turns, someone needed to look 'in the shed' and study what they could see for 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds, the guards returned so they needed to quickly run back. When they got back to their group they needed to draw as much as they could remember in 10 seconds. This happened for everyone in the group until they had all added to the drawing. 
The important part of this activity was to ensure each person looked at a different part so there needed to be clear communication and teamwork between everyone. 
We then discovered that what we saw was the Wright Brothers - Flyer Plane.
For the rest of the lesson we learnt about the changes and development in planes, identifying what was different and the same. We discussed the important changes that were made, for example planes started out as wood and then went to metal. Planes eventually were able to hold passengers, which was more practical. 
In PSHE we were thinking of people who are special to us and why. We celebrated these people by attaching them to a balloon! :)
For English this week, we started and finished a diary entry as Erin, the main character in our story. On Monday, we explored the features of a diary and made a checklist for our own writing. We included, writing 'Dear Diary' at the start, writing in first person (using 'I'), using different adjectives and using some prefix un- words. The children got so stuck into this and were very passionate on how why Black Rock needed to be saved. 
On Friday it was 'National Outside classroom day' so we did lots of our learning outside. We did some of our phonics in the covered area, finished our diaries on the benches in the field, we did bikeability and we visited the coronation garden as a part of our Art.
While some of the class were finishing their diaries, the rest used the outside area to form different letters and words. Stones were the popular choice , but we were also writing in sand. It was so lovely to experience the outside and fresh air while doing our writing. Children were regularly commenting on all the birds they could see and hear.
In Art, we finished of our sculptures  and also looked at each others, discussing what we liked about them, giving feedback.
We used our 'I can' sheets to self assess what we have done in our art this half term, looking for the evidence in our sketchbooks. This was a great way to reflect on what we had done. 
 To showcase our Sculptures- Boats (we ended up just doing this as as class), we put them on the pond, which also tested how waterproof they were (which all of them were!) 
Week 5
We've had a fabulous week, with excellent behaviour all round!
In English, we have been looking at starting a new piece of writing. We are going to be writing a diary entry as Erin (the main character). Stating how she wants to save Black Rock from the unfair adults (un words, are part of our grammar this week!) 
On Monday we explored Erin's attic bedroom. We noticed that she had left her diary behind along with a made rope, hanging out of the window.... We think she may have escaped to Black Rock. We then read the story up to this part, so don't know exactly where she went.....! On Friday we wrote a 'Save Black Rock' poster. The children were so engaged this with this and came up with lots reasons why he should be saved!
In Maths we have been looking at fractions. Last week we looked at halving and how it is in 2 parts. This week we have been looking at quarters and how it is in 4 parts. By the end of the week the children have really understood this. 
We have been quartering shapes and objects and then towards the end of the week quantity.
We began by trying to find and recognise quarters, until we then made some.
We have been doing lots of exciting activities to do with it, including cutting our snack on Tuesday into quarters. This was great retrieval from our DT in Spring 2.
In History this week, we were reflecting on last weeks trip, specifically on the out old bus ride. We were making comparisons with a modern bus. 
We were also lucky enough to explore some old transport toys/collectables. We looked at the different features, comparing them to transport today. We were even lucky enough to touch one (we were extra careful as it was very delicate).
In RE this week we were looking at the creation story. We explored this by expressing each of the 7 days with different music and sounds. Day 1 of the creation story was particular moving and enlightening because it was the day the word began and light appeared so I filmed their expression. 
In Art, we decided on our sculptures. We have looked alot at 'interactive sculptures' so we decided on 'Boats'. The interactive element of our sculptures is watching them float on the pond in the coronation garden (we will do this at the end of the day next Thursday so parents can come and see!). 
Last week we explored the materials we would use and this week we started on making them. We have had the opportunity to be very creative, so each boat looks very different!
Bike Clip Art - Cliparts.coBikeability Week 3 & 4Bike Clip Art - Cliparts.co
Now we have got the hang of gliding and moving around on the bikes we have been paying lots of control games this week and last week. 
We have been practicing our braking, spatial awareness when moving in a space with other cyclist around and our speed.
We have played, granny's footsteps, this was good for our braking and looking at what is in front of us. Follow the leader, here we have been looking at keeping a safe distance between others. Island game, this was good practice for our speed because lots of use were nearly bumping into each other if we went too fast.
Week 4
Amberly Museum Trip
This week our highlight was most definitely our school trip. The sun was shining and the children were buzzing!
We had the amazing time! We started the day by riding on an old train which had no doors! Then we met the conductor and guard of the train, who had his red and green flags to signal the driver of when it was safe to go.
We enjoyed the sites on our journey and we were looking out for some pigs and a horse and carriage.  We even spotted a group of ducklings on the other side of the track!
We then did some different activities including making a wheel and exploring the bike shop. 
We met Nick at the old bike garage who showed us a penny farthing and we learnt why it was called that (see if you can spot the picture showing or ask the children:))
We got to try on an old (very heavy) bike helmet, as well as some goggles worn on the penny farthing in case you fell off due to the height!
We pumped up some bicycle tyres (this was hard because they needed so much air!) and then got to step on them to deflate them (that was the fun part!)
With our group leader, we made an old cart wheel. 
We learnt that parts of the wheel were made from different types of tree. We discovered that the metal part of the wheel was attached by putting it in a fire and then cooling it down again with cold water.  
We spoke about what these carts might be used for. We saw a bakers cart and learnt that this is how people got their food as there were no supermarkets!
We then got a ride on a old double decker bus! It had no doors and a huge step 
to get on! We met our bus driver and he told us a little bit about the bus. We learnt that the bus didn't used to look like this, it was 'restored' from a very old run down looking bus (look out for that picture).
We were given our tickets and then had to get them stubbed by the ticket lady. We each got a turn on the top and the bottom. We discovered that the seats on the bottom were very uncomfortable and itchy due to them being so old! 
The top of the bus was very bumpy but was still lots of fun!
We then had our lunch and enjoyed the sunshine!
After lunch we were able to explore the rest of the museum and looked at lots of different things, including:
  • A broom workshop
  • Lead plumbers workshop
  • An old fire station 
  • An old village garage 
  • Train exhibition 
  • Road making exhibition 
Our highlight of the trip was most definitely seeing the Austin 7 in the village garage.
As a class, we have become very fond of the Austin 7 (for obvious reasons) after learning so much about it over the last couple of weeks at school. 
I told the class last week that there would be a special surprise somewhere in the museum they needed to look out for, so when we walked into the garage I needed to capture their reactions!
We really had the best time and everyone was excellently behaved all day!
Each child was sent home with a free ticket to return to the museum within a year, so they can relive this experience all over again! :)
Stars of the Week!!
For an amazing week and trip! So proud!
Week 3
A very interesting week this week! Lots done!
We started our stories in English, thinking about all the different types of words we could use and planning together what we would write.
In Science, we were identifying different wild and garden plants. We learnt what the difference was and how we could identify them.
In Maths we were continuing with making equal groups. This week we made equal groups by grouping (which is the introduction to multiplication) and by sharing (which is the introduction to dividing). 
To practice our grouping, we needed to group different numbers onto gingerbread people (giving them all a certain number of buttons) and to practice our sharing we had to share an amount of sprinkles onto some playdough cupcakes!
This week in PSHE we were learning about friendships and how to show kindness and affection with our friends in an appropriate way. We spoke about lots of different things like, a consensual hug, a handshake, a high five and a fist bump. In groups we came up with our own unique way of showing kindness!
In History we looked at different types of trains! We learnt that one of the first trains was a road train until then the railway was introduced. We spent some time looking at our knowledge organiser, seeing if we could spot any of the old transport or topics we had already learnt about!
We can't wait for our trip next week, it's going to be a great day! 
Bike Clip Art - Cliparts.coBikeability Week 2Bike Clip Art - Cliparts.co
We had another excellent week of bikeability, with lots of fun had!
We began the session with a warm up which included warming up our core! We practiced lifting up our legs to help with balance but also control!
This week we were focusing on our gliding techniques and being able to lift up our legs keep balanced. We played a crocodile game where we needed to avoid the crocodiles by lifting up our legs! 
We spent a lot of this week trying to show Larry (our class toy) our excellent listening skills after he sadly took away our carpet and Titanic role play area. Willow tried extra hard all week to show Larry our excellent behaviour and as a result throughout the week, we got 5 'Larry Points'. Larry was so proud of us, he even left us a well done note (with the other note ripped up!)
Due to this excellent behaviour, Willow was treated to a class tea party on Friday afternoon. We spent this time chatting about all the excellent things we did this week, as well as get to explore a few interesting things that 2 children brought in to show!
Week 2
A fun week had by all, however I can only apologies for the lack of pictures this week! :(
In English this week we were getting ready to start writing our new story based on the Secret of the Black Rock. We explored the character 'Erin' in more depth, thinking about what she was going to be like in our story! 
In Maths we have been looking at equal groups, counting the groups and the amount in each group. To count the total we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, which we are now experts at!
In Science, we used our knowledge from last week, of the structure of a plant, to create our own with the correct structure. Some very interesting plant creations came about! (I will upload these on Monday)
For our History this week, we learnt about the evolution of cars and placed them onto a timeline. We integrated our Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole timeline into it, so we could see in comparison when different cars were made! 
We learnt about the first Benz Petrol Car, the first Ford, The first Steam Engine Car in the 1700s, the Austin 7 (you can imagine the whole class loved seeing this car, including it's name!) and the very first Mini.
We compared all these cars to cars today. Looking at wheel size, headlight size, some having no roofs, some having no seatbelts! We needed to be very observant!
In Art this half term we are looking at sculpture. Last week we looked at lots of different interesting sculptures and this week we were able to explore lots of materials and make our own!
We each had a 'prompt card' which gave us a small prompt into what we needed to make but still had a wide amount of creative freedom into what to do! Some of the creations were brilliant! 
Bike Clip Art - Cliparts.coBikeability Week 1Bike Clip Art - Cliparts.co
We had so much fun on our first week on the bikes!
We spent the lesson getting used to the bikes and having lots of fun!
We completed checks on our bikes (including the tyres, brakes and steering) which will be something we will do at the start of each lesson as well as helmet and clothes check!
We practiced travelling in a straight line, moving in different ways, lifting up our legs to practice gliding then coming to a stop with our feet (this they progressed to the brakes), ensuring to keep our balance the whole time. We did this by looking straight holding a tight grip on the handle bars.
We practiced our spatial awareness, this was done firstly off the bike ,walking around looking where we are going, to on the bikes where we practiced our wide turns early on to ensure we don't hit anyone. 
Again, apologies for no pictures, next week there will be lots! :)
Week 1- Summer 1
In English we have been lookin at out new book The Secret of the Black Rock.
On Monday, before we looked at the book, we explored some items that were from the book and made predictions. We spoke to the main character 'Erin' who told us about an important 'Black Rock'!
On Monday we were also lucky enough to have Rowan Class come in and read to us! It was lovely to hear what they are learning about!
Here we are in PSHE during 'Calm Me Time'. This is where we are able to sit in silence calmly to practice our breathing while listening to the 'Jigsaw Chime'.
Fort our History Topic this half term we are looking at History of Transport. This week we looked at the the titanic and the changes that could have been made for a better outcome. As a class we designed and made our role play area which is called 'The Titanic: But Better'. In our Titanic we have included things which may have not happened/been included at the time. These include:
Lots of lifeboats 
Emergency flares to get attention
Megaphones to get attention
The Ice Patrol so we can be alerted of any icebergs 
Emergency chute 
On Friday we had our first time playing in it. (so much fun!!)
For our Science this half term we are learning about Plants. This week we looked at the structure of a plant and drew and labelled one in our books. We then went outside looking for plants, identifying each of their features (the stem, leaves, roots, petals and the anther -pollen). 
We also went into the coronation garden to see what we could find and now it is Spring, there was lots! We took our seasonal picture! Here we are in Winter and then Spring! We identified a big difference being all the trees and plants have bright leaves and flowers (and the pond is not frozen, in the Winter picture it was!)
Knowledge Organisers
Please find below the knowledge organisers linked to your child's learning this term. This document provides details of the key knowledge the children are expected to learn across the sequence of learning. We would encourage parents and carers to look at these with their children and regularly spend time discussing the facts on the sheets.