Willow Class (Year 1/2)

     3D Tree Willow | CGTrader
Welcome to Willow Class!
We are a year 1 and 2 class with a wonderful teacher and teaching assistant, 
Miss Lloyd and Mrs Perry.
We very much look forward to what this year will bring! :) 
In English we have been looking at persuasive writing to try and persuade people to come to Rockets meteor shower event. We have used exciting phrase like, dazzling shooting star and the beautiful night sky. To make our writing even more persuasive, year 1 has been looking at the suffixes -ing and -est. "You will see the dazzling shooting stars crash down to earth" "Come and see the greatest meteor shower every!" 
LOOK UP! wins the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2020 - MMB Creative
OrangeMercury: BREAKING!Neil Armstrong, 82, dies.1st Man on the Moon On Friday we began to look at our new topic: Significant Individuals in History. 
We have been doing some extensive research on both Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison and have created newspaper front covers and a class PowerPoint presentation to display it (this allowed us to also explore the computers and get to grips with Microsoft PowerPoint, which was a lot trickier than you'd think!).
Mae Jemison | SpaceNext50 | Encyclopedia Britannica
In science we have been looking at different plants and seeds, observing what they look like and how they grow. We have a great understanding on how a plant grows from its seed all the way to its petals/ plant leaves.
To monitor the changes of plants through the seasons, we have chosen a tree in the school field to observe over time. We have called it Willows Tree. We have noticed the wintery conditions of no leaves and thin branches. We found lots of brown crispy leaves on the ground as well as some different seeds.
In RE we have been learning about Judaism and their traditions. We have learnt about the 'Torah Scroll' and its uses and how Jewish people have a 'Simchat Torah' after they have read the whole Torah. We identified that a Simchat Torah was a representation of 'rejoice' and being 'joyful', so we decided to have our own Simchat Torah! We made mini scrolls and flags to wave during our parade, while chanting the words as tradition, 'Simchat Torah! Simchat Torah!'
Knowledge Organisers
Please find below the knowledge organisers linked to your child's learning this term. This document provides details of the key knowledge the children are expected to learn across the sequence of learning. We would encourage parents and carers to look at these with their children and regularly spend time discussing the facts on the sheets.