Harting  is proud to share that we are a part of the Bikeability Trust's Get Cycling Pilot Scheme. is This has seen two of our staff members be specially trained to deliver a package of “pre-Level 2” Bikeability courses called 'Get Cycling'. 

The Get Cycling programme brings together all of the elements of cycle training which should be delivered in a traffic-free environment. It draws upon the Bikeability syllabuses of Bikeability Balance, Learn to Ride and Level 1, and is itself based upon the outcomes (elements) found in the National Standard for Cycle Training. 

The Get Cycling programme aims to:  

  • Ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn to ride and develop cycle training skills in a traffic-free environment 
  • Increase their skill level so that by the time they reach year 6 they are more likely to be able to take part in and complete Bikeability. 
  • Produce a sustainable, cost-effective solution for young children’s cycle training, which helps to promote a cycle culture in schools and community groups 
This program is now embed in to the schools curriculum offer with all children in Reception and Year 1 taking part each week. 
In addition to this balance bike training, our staff are also delivering a traffic free Bikeability after school club for children across the school who have not yet learnt to cycle. 
Following the implementation of this provision, we also offer formal yearly on road Bikeability training for all children in Year 5 and 6.  This is led by external Bikeability trained staff from West Sussex.
More information from Bikeability can be found here https://www.bikeability.org.uk/get-cycling/