Special Education Needs at Harting

The Harting Vision

Guided by our Christian values we motivate and inspire our community’s love of learning through fostering a curiosity of the world around them, developing resilient and enthusiastic lifelong learners. In our ever changing world we aim to equip everyone with skills to continue on their individual journeys of discovery, enabling all to flourish and live life in all its fullness.

“I came that they might have life in all its fullness”

(John 10:10)
Our School
We are very proud of our inclusive and nurturing school in which staff place the individual child at the heart of all the do. Through the fostering of positive relationships each member of the Harting family works to enable every child to reach their full potential. Using our personalised approach to learning we aim to challenge and inspire every child within a safe and supportive environment, thus fostering a love of learning and encouraging pupils to grow in confidence – seeing them flourish in their own development.
We are passionately committed to supporting all children in their development. This includes identifying and removing barriers for children, including those with Special Educational Needs, so that every child is fully included in all aspects of school life

The Whole Child.

At Harting, every child is valued and cherished as an individual. Positive relationships are central to our approach which see’s stakeholders investing the time to get to know each individual to both understand how they learn best and how to inspire and motivate them.
We pride ourselves on effective collaboration with parents, between staff and with external professionals through regular and open communication with all. For those children with special educational needs, we have adapted our mechanism of communication to ensure that parents and carers are fully aware of the specific needs of their child, how they are being supported and the progress they are making throughout their time at Harting. We place significant importance on gathering pupil voice for all children and also ensure that those with SEND are actively involved with their individual support plan target setting and reviews.
To ensure that targets for these children are closely matched to their specific areas of need, through effective collaboration, both in school and with external agencies,   we carry out regular observations and monitoring of their individual progress across all areas of their development. When formulating targets for individual children we ensure that they are carefully considered and that they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound). This approach forms an essential part of our Assess Plan, Do, Review cycle which follows the Graduated Approach which is the underpinning principal of the national SEND Code of Practice
Key Documentation
Please find below further details of Harting's approach to supporting children, including those with SEND.
Harting's Universal Offer
This key document outlines provision and adaptations that are available to every child at Harting. In addition, it also shows the adaptations and interventions which may be made for children who have SEND and whose needs have been identified as being additional to and different from the majority of pupils in the class.