Brass Bands

Brass Bands at Harting  

At Harting we place significant value on the importance of both music and the arts on children's development and positive wellbeing.  Through are meticulously planned curriculum, children begin to explore sounds and music from the very earliest age with opportunity to perform at different points in the year. 

Following a very generous donation from both the Harting Parish News and Friends of Harting School in 2022, we were able to purchase 32 trumpets and trombones.  Since this time we have been running a brass band in both year 5 and 6 for which we use as a vehicle for teaching the upper KS2 primary music curriculum. 

Through weekly brass band rehearsals, both whole class and small groups, and weekly practise at home, children develop their confidence, skills in composition and performance, knowledge of the history of music as well as their technical ability on their instrument.  

Embedded in the curriculum is a wide array of performance opportunities for all. This includes performing at the European Brass Band Festival, The Rother Valley Arts Festival, Midhurst Rotary Music Festival as well as at all of our school fetes and fairs and the occasional impromptu concert at school pick up.

Since embarking on our journey of brass banding, we have formed a very close working relationship with Brass Band England's Brass Foundations team. This sees a member of the team visiting the school once a term to deliver a whole day's musical workshop culminating in a wonderful concert to the community.