Our Vision

Our Motto

Loving to Learn, Learning to Love

‘Love others as self’ (Matthew 22:34-40)

 Our Vision Statement

Guided by our Christian values, at Harting Church of England Primary School we motivate and inspire our community’s love of learning through fostering a curiosity of the world around them, developing resilient and enthusiastic lifelong learners. In our ever changing world we aim to equip everyone with skills to continue on their individual journeys of discovery, enabling all to flourish and live life in all its fullness.

Through our carefully planned provision, inclusive practice, and very close links with the local churches we support every child, irrespective of background or need, to achieve the best possible outcomes in all areas of their development, including both morally and spiritually.

With Christian values sitting at the heart of all that we do, our dedicated team of staff ensure that children are both supported and challenged in reaching the very best outcomes in all that they do.

“I came that they might have life in all its fullness” (John 10:10)