Christian Values

At Harting the Christian values of Love and Respect underpin all that we do. 
The children at Harting have chosen 9 additional Christian values which they feel are most important to them and their development. 
In selecting these values the school collaborated with Rev Harriet Neale Stevens form St Mary and St Gabriel Church to align them with the church calendar. 
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The Harting School Prayer


In October 2021, two children from each of our classes worked closely with Rev Harriet Neale-Stevens in writing a new school prayer. 

This project saw the children looking deeply at the meaning behind each of the values taught in school and reflecting on why they are important to both the children and local community in Harting. 

After  taking the time to reflect and discuss their ideas, the children were very proud to share the new prayer with the school. 

This prayer is used during the week as part of our collective worship and invites all members of the school community to reflect on how we can demonstrate the values in all that we do. 


Harting Church of England Primary School

School Prayer


Lord Jesus Christ,

we thank you for the gift of life and love,

for the birds that sing

and the nature all around us;

give us respect for others and humble hearts.


When someone says sorry,

we are thankful for the gift of forgiveness;

when we are down,

our friends bring us up again;

may we have compassion for each other.


Help us to have endurance when things are hard

and hope in all we do.


Help us to trust in you

so that your peace and love

will always be in our hearts

and in our school.