Learning Environments

The Learning Environments at Harting
We are extremely proud of our purposeful and supportive learning environments at Harting and the rich and inspirational opportunities that these provide for the children. During the creation of these environments, SEND and inclusion was at the forefront of our minds. Spaces are accessible and children’s pastoral, physical and sensory needs have been carefully considered. Examples of these spaces include:

The Deer Hut

This space is our ELSA room in which our fully qualified ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) supports children with their emotional health and wellbeing. This can be either short term support for children, or a longer planned period of support. Our ELSA work works in close collaboration with both the SENCO and class teachers to ensure consistency when applying skills in the classroom. This room was named by our children and chosen to represent both the feeling of nurture they have when in this space and the journey they go on in developing their confidence in all that they do with ELSA support.

Intervention / Small Group Working Spaces

Whilst the vast majority of interventions are carried out in the classroom, children also benefit from a number of smaller teaching spaces which can be used for more specific interventions. This includes a small, private intervention room for uninterrupted Play Therapy sessions and a range of smaller areas outside of the classrooms.

The Book Barn and Calm Corner
The Harting Book Barn and Calm Corner is a dedicated quite area available at both break and lunch time to all pupils. Children can choose to spend time here reading, or spending time in quieter less busy space than other areas of the playground. Many of our children enjoy spending time here observing our school chickens